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Model Mange Tout is a food, travel and lifestyle blog focused around nourishing, natural, wholesome ingredients and the endless things that you can do with them. I value ultimate wellbeing over what the world perceives as 'health and fitness'. It is about discovering the power of natural ingredients and just how much our bodies need and adore them. My recipes are free from glutenwheatdairy, grains, refined sugar and exist without processed ingredients. My philosophy is about using more delicious, nutrient-rich substitutes to create nutritious versions of the foods you love, and are centred around the local, the seasonal, the nourishing and the leftover. I travel the world working as a model, and over time have learned the importance of living well, not only with regards to diet but also physical health, mindful balance, good energy and cleared personal space. This blog is way of documenting what I already know, what I learn from others or experiences, and what I am still discovering. Find wholesome recipes, travel guidance, lifestyle tips and interior inspiration.

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